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Have the Lashes You Dream Of

Our eyes are one of the first things we notice about others. Women today use every tip and trick they know in order to bring attention to their eyes. Long, thick eyelashes are desired by women, but it is not always an easy task to achieve. Many people struggle with short, brittle lashes and patchy or thin eyebrows.

Woman with Thick Eyelashes

Our Eyelash Enhancement Serum

Through a breakthrough in modern science, we are able to actually lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.  EON Cosmetics, Inc. is making this miracle of modern science available at an affordable price. Our eyelash serum works to stimulate eyelash and eyebrow follicles over the course of your treatment.

How to Use EONLASH

EONLASH is easy to use and only needs to be applied once a day. We recommend you apply our serum once before going to sleep. Make sure your eyes and lashes are completely clean of makeup or skin creams. Once your skin is clean and ready, apply a small quantity of EONLASH with the provided applicator brush. After you've brushed in a thin line along the upper lash from root to tip, you are finished with our serum until the next day.

Clinical Study

Our eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum is a clinically proven formula with multiple high-end peptides and additional ingredients. These ingredients boost the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows in as little as four weeks when used daily.   EONLASH offers a three milliliter (3 ml) tube containg serum and a special applicator brush.  With continued use, your eyelashes and eyebrows will show improvement.